"First the way is largely uncharted, and second, we are all we've got.  If women dont tell our stories and utter our truths in order to chart ways....who will?  Stories give us hope and guidance and a lot of bravery." 

Sue Monk-Kidd " Dance of the Dissident Daughter"

"The role of the writer is not to say what we can all say, but what we are unable to say."  Anais Nin

 Writing for wellbeing ( sometimes referred to as therapeutic writing) is for the curious - a way of inquiry.   For those who words makes shape of the world.   Like mining the self, for seams and veins  of  precious truths, making them visible.  A way into and through the mystery that is ultimately self.  It is a way of uncovering your voice, as you test it against the world.  Drying your wings.   When it rings true, like the kookaburra call,  it is a place to stand your ground - the ground of your being that is your birthright.     

Therapeutic writing is not edited writing.  It accepts what comes up without judgement.  The inner critic, always present in any daring of creative endeavor,  is not so in charge -   fear of not measuring up, is acknowledged as integral, and, as Eat Pray Love author Elisabeth Gilbert says, "does not navigate."   Trusting yourself as the small voice that has always wanted to shout, gets louder.     Allowing the words to flow, can be powerfully cathartic.  As is being witnessed, in whatever shape that may take. 

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