uprooted -  a book about a woman’s search for the green

man seeking roots

of the worship of greening  

rocking my notion of the earths fecundity  

was feminine; way more gaps in this story  

I am in the midst of uprooting a garden

 rains granted ease to dig and wrench

what I cannot leave

I have always done it and those i ask to help have a right to protest. 

 “for God’s sake, havn’’t i moved this pot before?

some plants have followed me from my first garden - wild

roses my babies slept under while I did the desperate gardening of a new mother

Violets  nicked from the college  garden near the library.

My mother and her mother and her mother’s mother, loved them

their reputation for being shy was purpled reassurance - it was ok to be terrified

roses that were the prize of long quests cuttings from people becoming more precious to me

through all the uprootings life pulls

I have just ordered my next read-   “If women rose rooted…”

all this uprooting and rooting-  it’s going to get dirt-y

green man.jpg