Ecopoesis Zine

beach artist beneath Christchurch’s Brighton pier , Aotearoa

beach artist beneath Christchurch’s Brighton pier , Aotearoa

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Call for submissions

The ecological crisis is deepening our love for the Earth. We are being called to love more fully, and to express our love in more powerful, visionary and effective ways.”

Poet Drew Dellinger

Zines are wonderful little things;  like ecopoesis,  they find their own ways.  In their emergent state, they are off leash, free to follow delicious happy sniffs.  Small means doable, ducking and weaving under the commercial interests that can drive publishing.

Ecopoesis is an idea, a promise, a conversation still incarnating, existing largely in the imagination.  I have heard it whispered in passing, and between the lines and in the margins,  of academic research that wandered into it but did not seem to have the words to express it.  This dared me to  find out more.  Ecopoesis  may be a blend of a few concepts;  eco from the Greek root word ”oikos” meaning home or dwelling place;  poesis meaning becoming/bringing forth. 

I do know that ecopoesis is earth/heart-centric.  In the spirit of the  ”occupy heart” movement rising, heartfully, we will express  our fierce love and protection (which includes our sorrows) of this beautiful planet we co-exist with.

 Spanish poet Antony Machado writes:  “pilgrim, there is no path – the path is made by walking.”  This zine is a place, where the next foot will connect with the earth.  Sometimes, we just have to break into the poetic during our ecopoesis!


“in all the beginning and bringing forth upon the beautiful there is a kind of making/creation or poiesis” 

-        the priestess/seer Diotima (retold in Socrates speech on love, in Plato’s Symposium)

Autopoesis in chaos /complexity theory, describes the innate capacity/drive for life to become itself, into its full potential.  Think a seed of a large rainforest tree;  inside the tiny seed is the desire to become a huge canopy tree, and to work with sunlight and water.

Ecopoesis, may have some roots, in the more established tradition of Ecopoetics;  defined by Hariett Tarlo as an “ecotone between ecology, poetry and ethnopoetics…creating an edge effect where ecologies are in tension.”

“Restoring us to the earth is what good ecopoetry can do”  Jonathan Bates “Song of the Earth”

“In searching for my own definition of “ecopoetics,” I’ve become convinced that… it needs to be a matter of finding strategies that effect a larger paradigm shift, that finally abolish the aesthetic use of nature as mirror for human narcissism. It’s not so much a call for reform of so-called “nature poetry,” as a redefinition of all poetry as nature poetry — a recognition of our role as poets in a world in a continuum of crisis with no boundaries between the urban, suburban, country, and so-called “wild.”   Evelyn Reilly


Inviting submissions of poetry, song, photos and montage/mosaics of images, earthart offerings of jubilation and sorrow,  realization of and dwelling in this universe.

Submissions due October 31 2019


Publication December 2019 online on  website and on file to print and bind your way.  Recycled paper with pressed flowers/leaves makes a beautiful cover.  Ecopoesis Zine will be a gift of truth, authenticity and meaning, for such times at these.


Kerryn Coombs-Valeontis

Founder/Facilitator Diploma of Ecotherapy